"Barrister" Ankle Tall Faire Moccasins

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Our 16th century Elizabethan style moccasin boots are made to exacting specification. We source materials from the finest buffalo leather tanneries in northern California. These boots fit with precision and are meant for the renaissance faire, walk about, and daily use. Our shoes are all re-sole-able with Vibram outer soles. Also, all our buffalo moccasin boots include authentic, padded, removable, washable sheepskin inserts. Your legs and feet will naturally articulate while walking and your toes will be cradled in plush natural comfort.


Live event announcement: Next Live event announcement: Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire, all weekends, middle of September thru October, 2022.

Price will come back down when Northern Faire starts. I must stop all new shoe order until then and that is why I have added $1,000 to the price. See you at Northern 2022.

Our staff will be available to assist our customers at Northern Faire, Hollister, CA, with their duct tape 'cast-up', with design, leather colors, and button choices. Faire days ahead.


Colors and combinations start with authentic heavy weight Buffalo Leather 9-ounce hides in: Black, Chocolate, Rosewood, Saddle, Tan. Accent colors with natural deer hides range from yellows, greens, blues, reds, grey, wood tones, purple, .... shoe art adds interest and unique look.


$625 is the full cost for Oakenfoot basic 2 or 3 button tall buffalo moccasins (2 color choices); basic metal shank type buttons; either removable and washable Sheepskin shoe beds, and; Vibram sole which are light, flexible, and long wearing.

Top quality American buffalo color choices: Black, Tobacco, Chocolate, Redwood, Butterscotch, Sand, Palomino, Camel, White.


All Oakenfoot moccasins are handmade just for your unique fit of foot and calf shape.

https://vimeo.com/151504007   (open to view the 'cast-up' stop action instructions)


EXTRA charges - include edge piping, cuffs and natural falls along buttons, natural edge stitched down front edge, and custom choice buttons (Custom Buttons at - Buttonjones.ETSY - select from list of metal shank type buttons, 7/8" - 1") Send me a message and ask for your dream artwork details.


SHIPPING Time Frame to receive your custom moccasin shoes: 

Once we at Oakenfoot have your completed duct tape cast-up we can then commit to a shipping week which can be a quick as 4 weeks or as long as 12 weeks. Our high season is March through August, which can take as long as 12 weeks to ship our custom shoes to you.

Oakenfoot.com (the website) for additional design choices. 

USPS priority service. Limited to United States customers at present. 

Email notification with tracking number will be provided within 24 hours.