How It Works

How it works:

Live event customer: Oakenfoot booth helpers are available to complete the ‘duct tape cast-up’ and assist our customers with design, color, and button choices. Each completed order, with Linda receiving the custom 'duct tape cast-up' and payment arranged, will have a shipping date. 

Next live event:

Southern California Renaissance Faire, Irwindale, CA.

Weekends of April 4th through May 17th. 


On-line customer: select their moccasin shoes based on ankle tall, calf high, or knee high.

  • Ankle tall shoes include 2 or 3 button high, either just under the ankle or just over the ankle.
  • Calf high moccasins stop at the lower point of your calf muscle, either 4, 5, or 6 button high depending on your actual measure need.
  • Knee high moccasins extend all the way over your calf muscle and go up your knee.

Granddaddy buffalo, boot quality, colors: Black, Rosewood, Chocolate, Tobacco and Camel.

Monochrome color choice works beautifully. Allowing life to weather in a unique patina.

Email Linda at to schedule a phone consult to explore your artistic dream designs. 

Trim colors in buffalo, elk, deer or bull hide expand the artistic pallet of color possibilities.

Custom fit is achieved with completion of 'duct tape cast-up' in the comfort of your home. Use the following instructional stop action tutorial:

With your custom 'cast-up' in hand, it takes 60 day (or less) to shipping your finished custom authentic buffalo leather moccasins.

A bit more:

  • Oakenfoot moccasins come with padded, removeable, washable, authentic sheepskin inserts.
  • Oakenfoot moccasins use exclusively Vibram outer sole materials which are light weight and long wearing.
  • Oakenfoot moccasins arrive with break-in instructions and a leather care package.