"Archer" - Knee High Faire Moccasins

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Our 16th century Elizabethan style moccasin boots are made to exacting specification. We source materials from the finest buffalo leather tanneries in northern California. These boots fit with precision and are meant for the renaissance faire, walk about, and daily use. Our shoes are all re-sole-able with Vibram outer soles. Also, all our buffalo moccasin boots include authentic, padded, removable, washable sheepskin inserts. Your legs and feet will naturally articulate while walking and your toes will be cradled in plush natural comfort..

Custom fit is achieved with completion of 'duct tape cast-up' in the comfort of your home. Use the following instructional stop action tutorial:


60 day (or less) from receiving your 'duct tape cast-up' to shipping finished custom authentic buffalo leather moccasins.