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Oakenfoot - 15-foot square, Off the Shelf tent, tent system

Oakenfoot - 15-foot square, Off the Shelf tent, tent system

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"Off the Shelf" and ready to ship Oakenfoot Faire Tent system.

FedEx shipping, arrive to you 2-weeks.

Graphic design view, 15-foot square, Cajun Creole theme: Ocean Blue, Walnut, Tuscan, Sunflower Yellow and Silver or Parchment.

"Off the Shelf" tents are selected by team Oakenfoot with the artful eye of what our customers want.

Questions -- send email to maker:

We are a National company, shipping FedEx to the continental United States currently.

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What Makes Oakenfoot Faire Tents Unique?

Fit For Budget

All of our tents are reasonably priced and are built utilizing both traditional and modern methods. Because of this, they are unique and include benefits like ease of setup and takedown.

Ideal Weight

Due to their modest weight, our tents are simple to move. We always interact with clients professionally, ensuring their needs are met within the agreed-upon time limit.

Transparent Workflow

Our team members are transparent when working with customers, offering tailored solutions at reasonable costs.