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Stitch perfect, double stitched finished seams, made with care and attention to details, shipped FedEx on time = ahead of contract schedule.

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All-Weather Pavilion Sunbrella Tent Systems.

Tent system includes: Sunbrella roof with fire marshal cert sewn in, Sunbrella walls and pole covers; also, set of back braided ropes, heavy duty J-stakes, top finial, and all the custom steel parts.

A list of poles 1 5/8" diameter, common "chain link steel poles" will be provided with your tent system. It is money wise to purchase these common pole locally.

Oakenfoot Faire Tents go up in 60 minute with the help of a second person for 10-minutes.

Made in USA.  Team “Oakenfoot” is located in Frazier Park, California.

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