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Back Story:

Oakenfoot – Celebrating Renaissance Faire and Living History

I’m Linda, the maker, the designer, head seamstress, CEO of Oakenfoot.

We have a solid teams of excellent seamstresses, a professional welder, cutting room team, and general crafters. 

A long, long time ago I was introduced to the world of sewing. My professional back story started as a sample pattern maker for 3 years in Los Angeles garment district. Then went into business for 15 years doing Porsche upholstery with many concourse de elegance first place winning Porsche cars. Also enjoy making many classic Faire shoes, the buffalo leather moccasins, all custom fit with the duct tape cast up, as a vendor at Southern or Northern California Renaissance Faire. Today, team Oakenfoot makes amazing Faire Tents for use anywhere, especially at Renaissance Faires and outdoor events across the county. 

My partner, Carlos, was introduced to leather braiding and maritime knot work as a kid by his dad. They had practical use for this craft: horse tack and sailor riggings. The subtle art of braiding is in the weave. It’s simply beautiful. He enjoys back braiding and eye braiding the ropes that are attached to the corners of Oakenfoot Faire Tents. Actually, his Muggle job, a public school teacher, continues with Oakenfoot as a cross trainer. And, we appreciate his hands-on finish weaving of the marine quality stake out ropes for Oakenfoot Faire Tents.

All Oakenfoot products are detailed and carefully crafted. All seams and double stitched and finished, steel is professionally welded, and marine quality hardware.

We do it right. Team Oakenfoot Rocks.

Oakenfoot Faire Tents are an investment that will hold re-sale value, will be seen across your event community and draw your customers back to your booth over and over.  They really hold up to all weather. My husband enjoys year round relaxing on the hammock that is attached to the inside steel corners of our patio shade Oakenfoot Faire tent. His happy man pose included reading and grabbing a power nap. 

Email us directly with questions: oakenfoot.fairetents@gmail.com

You can see our products on YouTube channel: Oakenfoot Faire Tents 

We can help.

Our greatest pleasure is excellent customer service, the making and shipping your products on time, and the complete confidence of the service our products will add to your outdoor spaces.