About Us

Back Story:

Oakenfoot – Celebrating Renaissance Faire and Living History

I’m Linda.

A long, long time ago I was introduced to the world of sewing. Today, my staff and I create traditional Renaissance custom fit leather moccasins shoes.

My partner, Carlos, a long, long time ago was introduced to leather braiding and maritime knot work. He and his dad would pass time braiding horse tack and sailor riggings for practical use. The subtle art of braiding is in the weave. It’s simply beautiful.     

And now, 30 years later, we still enjoy collaborating and improving our art.

Oakenfoot shoes are crafted by skilled professionals from pattern to sewing the last button on.

They are beautiful and practical, can be re-soled, and will last decades.

It’s an investment that fits. 

Email us directly with questions: Oakenfootmoccasins@gmail.com

Additionally, Linda is committed to re-forestation. With each custom moccasin order, team Oakenfoot will plant a minimum 5 Valley Oaks in the Los Padres National Forest where these trees have been damaged by fire and neglect.

Thank you for supporting re-forestation.